Two Years After The Hinsons Disbanded In 1988, Larry Hinson approached their record producer at Calvary Music Group, suggesting a reunion project consisting of the Original four founding Hinson members. After a great deal of contract negotiations and long term delays of the project, "One More Hallelujah" was finally completed in the fall of 1992. The project finally began hitting the radio stations in the early  part of 1993, featuring a song written by Larry entitled "Joy Comes In The Morning,"and spurred a 13 city tour across America by the same name. After completing the "One More Hallelujah Tour" the Hinsons attended the National Quartet Convention in Nashville, TN where Kenny Hinson became extremely ill. After a few weeks of medical tests, Kenny was diagnosed with kidney cancer and plans for a second leg of the tour were permanently canceled. Kenny would go on to sing only one final time in the fall of 1994 at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. That very convention, Kenny would win a Diamond Award for his song "I'll Never Be Over The Hill" as well as male vocalist of the year. Kenny had his homegoing to be with the Lord on July 27, 1995 at Summit Hospital, Nashville, TN.
Two Days After This Photo, Kenny Becomes Extremely Sick...It Will Be His Last Public Appearance Until 1994 NQC.
Invited By The Hoppers To Sing The Lighthouse, The Hinsons Perform One Final Time Before Kenny Passes.
One More Hallelujah...Ronny's Idea, for both a project and a tour.
The Photo Was First Used In Voice Magazine 1993
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            Cover Of The
  "One More Hallelujah" Project
"One More Hallelujah"
     Promo Picture
Hinsons Put In Appearance at 1993 NQC For Interviews
         Nashville, TN.
Hinsons Perform at 1994    
  NQC, Louisville, KY.
  It Will Be Their Last
" Joy Comes In The Morning "
            Available At...
" The Lighthouse" 1993 Landmark Video
       Recorded in Anderson, Indiana
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